Ready4K is a family engagement curriculum delivered via text message. The Ready4K curriculum supports the whole child from birth to kindergarten. Each week, parents and caregivers receive text messages with fun facts, easy tips, and growth activities on how to promote their children’s development by building on existing family routines – like pointing out letters on the shampoo bottle during bath time.

Evidence-based family engagement,
via text messages.

Does your child or a child you care for participate in the Raising A Reader program? If so, you are eligible to participate in Ready4K. Click 'Register Here' and submit your consent form to begin receiving text messages.  

FACT: Balance and coordination help toddlers navigate the world. They're important for physical tasks like climbing stairs and playing on a jungle gym. 

1 year-old sample message

TIP: As you lie in bed, play an emotion game. Whisper a feeling like happy or sad. Then show each other the face you make when you are feeling that way. 

3 year-old sample message

GROWTH: Keep comparing groups of objects. You're getting ready 4K. Now challenge your child to identify which hand is holding fewer pennies. Try one more time!

4 year-old sample message

Thank You!

Reading Ready Pittsburgh received a grant from Raising A Reader national to offer Ready4K to our Raising A Reader families for 3 years.