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Community Engagement
and Outreach

Reading Ready Pittsburgh loves to work directly and creatively in our local communities.


Our organization is often tabling at the Beverly's Babies Community Showers, showing up for the various Mon Valley community days and events, and partnering with the Carnegie of Homestead whenever we can.  We also work with the family centers and pediatricians around the Mon Valley and provide them books and resources of all kinds like early literacy posters, stickers with helpful hints for parents, and literature highlighting the importance of early literacy.

Click here to reach out to Mark if you'd like any items listed below or if you are interested in partnering with Reading Ready Pittsburgh in our community efforts!

Specific Projects

Family Reading Poster Campaign

Much like the "Read" and "Got Milk?" public service announcement campaigns of the 1990's, Reading Ready Pittsburgh's poster project delivers a powerful message in simple language.  Each of the 10 posters feature a photo of a local family reading to or with their child(ren) alongside a simple yet impactful message about literacy at the bottom.  These posters are hung in areas where children and families might be:  classrooms, libraries, pediatrician offices, and more.  Feel free to request a couple if you know of a good place to hang one!

Diaper Bank Baby Wipe Stickers

Any time a parent or caregiver interacts with their child is a great time to talk, sing, and play.  RRP has an ongoing partnership with Mon Valley Family Center diaper banks to put colorful tips and reminders for parents on baby wipes that are distributed alongside the diapers.

Community Space Reading Nooks

There are many spaces in our community where families do passive errands or spend time waiting that are great places to add a reading nook.  Reading Ready Pittsburgh has transformed 2 laundromats in the past few years, and we are looking to expand.  Laundromats of course make sense as these locations are where families find themselves waiting, but we don't want to stop there!  We hope to transform spaces in salons and barbershops, municipal buildings, and other similar areas.  Let us know if you know somewhere that could benefit from a reading nook!

Books for Family Health Care Centers and Pediatricians

Reading Ready Pittsburgh supplies nearly a dozen community health clinics, family health providers, and pediatrician offices with free copies of Read to Your Bunny.  Each time a new family with young children visit the office for a check-up or other service they get to walk away with a copy of Rosemary Wells' charming little book.


From Scholastic: "This gem of a book celebrates reading through an intimate story and vibrant, bunny-filled pictures. [It] is an invitation for parents and children to read together every day.  This picture book promises: Read to your bunny often, and your bunny will read to you."

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