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Early Literacy Community Council

Reading Ready Pittsburgh knows that we are stronger together. That's why we're bringing together community members who are passionate about early literacy to create a literacy dream world.

Reading Together

The Early Literacy Council is guided by its mission of working to develop a strong early literacy foundation for families in the Mon Valley and to foster a literary community where everyone can succeed. The Early LIteracy Community Council is comprised of parents, community members, librarians, and other professionals who want to make an impact on early literacy in the Mon Valley.

Together, we’ve determined four priorities:

  1. Increasing access to books

  2. Providing parent support around early literacy

  3. Developing creative partnerships and collaborations

  4. Communicating the benefits of literacy for babies and small children 


Chardae Jones
Lynn Kawaratana
Danielle Daye
Stephanie McGuigan
Mandee Williams
Chary Lyons
Emily Kubincanek
Markeya Lawry
Holly Cherpak
DaMarra Underwood
Gigi Stephans
Mary Denison
Denise Dembski
Vince D’Alesio
Joelisa McDonald
Demetrius Baldwin

Michele Charmello

Cletus Lee
Megan Chips
Kathy Koltas
Kate Grannemaan Colucciok
Carl Lewis
Kennethia Harris
Cece Caro
Randi Owens
Hannah Zibert
Mark Sepe
Erykah Atkins

Aaryn Griggs
Jawanna Warren
Valerie Williams
Daye Campbell

Contact Mary at for more information. ​

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