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Our Team 

Mary Denison, PhD - Executive Director 

Mary Denison is a retired school psychologist. She has worked in that capacity with school-age children with learning and developmental problems for over 30 years. Mary initially taught Special Education for children with learning and behavioral challenges. After graduating with her doctorate in School Psychology she worked at Shaler Area School District and at PACE School. In 1995 she began working at The Day School at The Children's Institute. Mary worked for 22 years developing an expertise in working with children with autism and genetic and neurological disorders. After retiring from The Day School, Mary founded Reading Ready Pittsburgh to help build a love of reading in families of small children throughout the Pittsburgh area.  Mary has 3 children who are all grown. She is an avid reader and enjoys sharing her love of books with others. 

Megan Chips - Program Director

Megan is excited to be a part of the Reading Ready Pittsburgh team as Program Director. After graduating from Duquesne University as a psychology major, Megan quickly realized working with young children was her true calling. She received her Master’s degree from Carlow University in Elementary Education and for over twelve years worked in various early childhood programs. Megan holds Pennsylvania teaching certificates in both early childhood and elementary education. Prior to joining the RRP team, Megan worked for AIU Head Start for seven years as a teacher, supervisor and administrator.  Megan believes inspiring children with a desire for reading is key for them to succeed in early grades as it shapes and forms their attitudes through graduation and beyond.

Kathy Koltas - Librarian/Project Manager

Kathy has been a Children’s Librarian in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years.  Her passion for bringing books to children, especially those who may not have them in their homes, began as a volunteer with the former Beginning with Books early literacy organization. Through her work there, she saw how children need access to books in order to grow and develop into readers, leading to greater success in school. She returned to school to get her master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh and has since worked in various public and school capacities while raising five children. Despite loving her work, Kathy had always wanted to get back to working with a nonprofit that focused on getting books into the hands of all children and served not only the children but the caregivers and teachers as well. She is committed to bringing high quality, inclusive literature into all homes so every child can experience the joy of reading she has always felt and to which she has devoted her life to sharing.

Mark Sepe - Outreach Coordinator

Mark is a certified K-12 Reading Specialist and 7-12 English teacher.  Before joining Reading Ready Pittsburgh he worked as a co-teacher at Montessori Elementary School as well as Literacy Coordinator + Reading Specialist at the Neighborhood Learning Alliance.  Reading and literacy are two of his biggest passions, and he is excited to be part of an organization putting those same passions at the front and center of their mission.  When he's not coordinating with local organizations and communities, you can find him putzing around his garden, playing baseball, or performing in plays.

Hannah Zibert - Program Coordinator

Hannah has enjoyed working with children in ages ranging from 3 months to 15 years in sports, special needs camps, high schools, daycares, and one-on-ones for the past 14 years.  She studied English Literature at Allegheny College and then received her Master’s in the Arts of Teaching English 7 -12 at the University of Pittsburgh so that she could share her love of reading with everyone.  She happily stumbled into Early Childhood Education and became a Lead Teacher for six years at The Children’s Center of Pittsburgh where she found her passion for educating the youngest of children and fostering the love of reading in young people. Hannah is so excited to continue her journey with Reading Ready Pittsburgh and support their mission as their Program Coordinator. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys reading, quilting, hiking with her big, fluffy dogs, and supporting her local rugby club. 

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