Reading Ready Pittsburgh fully supports the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Reading Ready Pittsburgh

supporting families to foster a love of reading

Reading Ready Pittsburgh believes in the power of family book sharing to ensure all children are ready to thrive in kindergarten. By increasing access to books and encouraging significant family engagement, we work to guarantee that all families have the tools and resources needed to support their children. All children deserve full book shelves.

North Allegheny High School Students'


Book Drive for Reading Ready Pittsburgh, April 8 - May 10

Looking for a way to help Reading Ready Pittsburgh achieve our mission?
Join the North Allegheny High School students and purchase books in-store or order online to ensure that young readers in the Pittsburgh area have access to books that reflect their own identity and prepare them for life in a diverse world. Using your phone camera, scan the QR code to view the NA for Change wish list. 
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The 2020 Impact Report is here.

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Ranada's Story 

Just three years ago, Ranada was introduced to the importance of early reading through the Raising A Reader program and now she shares her insights about the impacts it has made on her family.

"Exciting to receive new books weekly. A great program to help kids love and enjoy books from an early age" - Raising A Reader Parent