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Implementers Say

"Some students come in and say 'My name was in this book!' or 'guess what I read!'"

"We have had a lot of positive feedback from the parents involved."

"We're given such great books."

"Many of the parents like the access to so many great books and enjoy reading them with their children. We also have many parents that are inquiring about starting the program with their children."

"Overall, I think it's a fabulous program. I think it has helped one of our students who was struggling with words and using 2 word sentences to expand to 5 word sentences more often now!"

"They love them and enjoy getting different books!"

"Our kids have all been so happy to receive a book to take home for their birthday"

"[The programs] help us teach how to care for the books."


"The books were a blessing."

"Receiving the bags gives my daughter something to look forward to."

Parents Say

"We were exposed to books I would have never picked."

"I think Raising a Reader is a wonderful program that gave us access to books that are not in our home library."

"We loved having new books to read and it motivated us to read more because we knew we'd have to return them soon."

"Loved this [Raising A Reader] program. It helped so much with verbal skills."

"It added new variety to our reading selection and introduced us to new stories and genres that we may not have explored otherwise. It also helped us set goals for getting through the entire bag. Our kids are excited to bring them home."

"It was nice switching up the options to read and got my daughter engaged more in imagination and learning diversity."

"Because of the books, I get to have all these new adventures with my daughters."

"It [the books] gave us more quality time together."


"I think it [Raising A Reader] makes my kids more interested in books and reading."

"Receiving the books has impacted my daughters interest in books."

"My child loves to read quick books and often will ask me or his sister. I really enjoyed these book bags. I hope to continue to be in routine of reading. Absolutely amazing program!"

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